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Director: Kenya Irie

Kenya has been in the tourism industry since 1995 and has supervised many online projects such as launching hotel websites, refreshing tourism operators websites and maximizing revenue from e-commerce sites.

Kenya worked for Tourism New Zealand in the Tokyo office and Auckland office from 2004-2011. He managed the Japanese version of the New Zealand Official Tourism website and supervised its site-management, SEO, SEM, Online Campaign and Social Media content. He also built and maintained relationships between New Zealand's and Japan's tourism network.

Kenya has been in New Zealand since 2007, is an English and Japanese speaker, he and is also director of IWC-New Zealand.

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WED, 17 Jan, 2012

Directory Registration service started.

WED, 2 FEB, 2011

Kenya has passed GAIQ, a qualification of proficiency in Google Analytics. Kenya is the only Japanese holder of this qualification in New Zealand.

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